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Anastasia Lux Snapchat is one for all the guys that love a more thicker lady, she is a busty woman from Portugal that lives in England.

She is a porn star and CEO.

She uses her entrepreneur title as a kink and she plays a sexy businesswoman.

If you like watching big beautiful women play on Snapchat and in adult films, you will love Anastasia.

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You don’t want to miss out on this big breasts goddess. She speaks in all of her videos on snapchat, so you will get plenty of her sexy British accent and thick hips.

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Anastasia Lux’s Production Company

Anastasia’s production company has brought her success by being able to meet other models in the industry.

The production company allows her to not only indulge in her kinky passion of photography and videography, but it also brings more traffic to her main social media pages.

Here are a few of the big breasted woman’s pictures that can be found on her Instagram.

Anastasia Lux Photoshoot Anastasia Lux Ring Light

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