Daphne Klyde

Beautiful Ukrainian women Daphne key to success is her smile. One smile and it’s over.

Daphne Snapchat and other accounts are growing at alarming rates on her social media platforms and she is gaining high popularity among professionals and viewership in the adult Industry.

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Daphne has a fast growing Instagram following(currently at an astounding 18.5k) and she remains very active.

She posts daily about her photoshoots, filming, travel fun, and even morning and evening playtime.

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Here are some recent pictures that she’s posted that showcase her Ukrainian beauty style, and her traveling adventures:

Daphne Klyde Snapchat Selfie Daphne Klyde Beach Photo

Daphne Klyde Snapchat Selfie Daphne Klyde Night Life

Not only does Daphne have a wide variety of Instagram and Twitter content, she also has quite the selection of amateur films.

Her films stretch from getting blacked by a 6 foot 4 muscular giant, to getting a rim job from another woman in girl on girl scene.

Her size 36B tits combined with her Ukrainian ass make her the perfect woman to watch in a VR films. She also is also quite the squirter!

She does multiple public shows a week on her snapchat account and she also brings her fans along for trips when she travels! Don’t miss out on the amazing traveling squirts!

Daphne Klyde’s Hobbies and Interests

When she’s not in the studio filming adult films, Daphne loves being in the outdoors experiencing life and adventure.

She often takes vacations to the beach to sit out in the sun all day to take a break from the fast pace of Kiev, Ukraine. She’s also a fan of taking sail boat trips into the ocean whenever she has the time.

Whenever she’s looking for a fun night out, Daphne enjoys the Ukraine night life with her friends. Trying new foods and having fun with friends are her favorite things to do when she has free time.

Daphne Klyde on Boat

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