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Who is this cute girl? Where did she come from? It’s Kendall Karson!

If you haven’t seen her by now then what have you been doing!

She’s known for her super sloppy performances for companies like Twistys and can’t get enough of her fan’s attention on social media.

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If you’re not afraid to get down and dirty, add Kendall Karson Snapchat username by taking a screenshot of the code below.

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Facts about Kendall:

Kendalll, also known as Ashley Youdan, is a very well established International Model based in New York City.

When she isn’t walking the runway in Paris, she is usually selling luxury homes and mansions because she is a sexy real estate agent!

and.. we all know you were wondering this.. she posts sexy snapchat clips with her clients!

Like most women, the key to her heart is a nice shlong and food on the beach. Ashley is a travel junkie and can’t get enough!

Here are a few pictures from her recent vacations:

Kendall Karson Pictures

Other Social Media

If you are looking to see more of Kendall’s social media, you can finder onĀ Instagram and Twitter

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