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Luna Star is a natural beauty coming straight out of Cuba.

She’s got it all from the deep skin tones to the amazing brunette hair, and we cant forget that sexy Cuban accent.

In 2012, Luna rushed into the Adult Film industry to help her family get into a better financial situation and since then she’s established a successful career in porn.

Along with that she has reached social media influencer status on both Twitter(currently at 250k) and Instagram(currently at 750k) as well as a highly successful OnlyFans page.

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Luna Star also has an enormous following on her Snapchat account.

She posts videos from her workout sessions, cooking, and of course the sexy Latina videos.

She is so comfortable in her body that she snaps sexy videos of herself when she is in public and when she is having playtime, whenever she is getting down and dirty with another man or woman, she often posts behind the scenes footage of the shoot.

Screenshot the Snapcode below to Lisa Luna Star’s Snapchat Username

Luna Star Snapchat Username

Luna Star’s Desire to be Healthy and Fit

Filming scenes in the pornography industry is physically demanding and can really beat someone down if they aren’t in proper shape.

Luna’s long term goal is to stay fit and in shape so she can perform well for her audience.

She makes sure to stretch before and after each workout to her muscles loose, after that she goes into her workout routine which combines running, hiking, and yoga together along with plates once or twice a week.

Not only is Star a fit Latina, she loves to express herself by cooking up fancy meals in the kitchen, some of which are from her home country Cuba. She recently posted these pictures from her workout and post-workout meal on her Snapchat.

Luna Star on Snapchat          Luna Star on Snapchat


Luna Star’s Dream to Own a Restaurant

Luna is naturally good at cooking and entertaining large crowds.

She dreams to put her cooking skills to use by opening up a restaurant in Miami, Florida after she retires from her career in the Porn Industry. She doesn’t plan on becoming a chef, but she is prepared to assist in making a menu with a chef when she hires one onto the team.

We’re ready to eat Luna, make us some food!

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