Tara Babcock

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Tara Babcock is a nude female adult model and now a YouTube and Twitch streamer from Washington, America.

Babcock, slowly moved from adult modeling to being live on camera in a more mainstream and SFW manner

She mainly now focuses on her live gaming streams and YouTube channel which currently has 160k subscribers, and growing her Snapchat account which has around the same amount of followers, but make no mistake, its still great to look at her.

Even when she is streaming computer games, she will dress sexy and be constantly talking dirty.

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Tasha is very entertaining when she is streaming, and she certainly is a delight to look out, especially when her breasts are hanging out on purpose.

If this sexy, nerdy gamer chick sounds like someone you would be interested in watching, then you can add Tara Babcock’s Snapchat username from the code below and find out when she is live next

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Check out Tara’s Google+ as well for even more content she has.


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