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What do you get when you mix a Latin pornstar and a BBW pornstar together? You get Vylette Vonne.

This is one for all the big lady lovers out there and the chubby chasers. This girl is huge, her whole body is massive but in such a sexy way.

Even though Vylette is bigger than the average BBW, she is not afraid to show it all off, in fact, she loves to show it off.

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Vylette has so much confidence when it comes to being a BBW and staring in porn.

She does not care who sees her body, and what they think of her. The same goes for her social media, she is always posting nude pictures and videos of her sexy over sized body.

If you want to see just how big, yet how great she looks, screenshot Vylette Vonne’s Snapchat username below


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